Golden Brilliant Investment Limited (“Golden Brilliant”) is a large investment company in Hong Kong and their staff have less knowledge and experience in planning, design,

Assignment Task


Golden Brilliant Investment Limited (“Golden Brilliant”) is a large investment company in Hong Kong and their staff have less knowledge and experience in planning, design, construction and management of construction projects. The executive director of Golden Brilliant employs you as a procurement manager for his large residential and commercial development project in New Territories North (“New Territories North Project”) with the budget of $10 billion which has been funded and Project brief in Appendix 1.

You are asked to provide a professional report on exploring and recommending of the most appropriate method of procurement and tendering as well as producing an estimate of the construction costs for the New Territories North Project.

Task 1 – Critically discuss the formation of tender and the methods of tendering, including but limited to,

Provide an information sheet that details the information that will be required to be produced prior to the commencement of preparing a tender package.Produce a detailed explanation of documents that will be required to formulate a tender for this majorIdentify and describe the potential benefits of Building Information Modelling in the tender and procurement process of theFor this privately funded project, produce a comparison and evaluation of the use of specifications and bills of quantities as methods of tendering will be

Task 2 – Explain the procedures and contractual arrangements for tendering. the report should,

Produce a flow chart to present the result of a taking-off procedure in producing a bill of quantities for part of theIdentify the procurement strategies available in Hong Kong or international, likes procure local, lowest tender wins, design-build-operate, and project that will be divided into For each one, you require to describe the relationship between the type of tender and different taking-off techniques for the proposed procurement strategy,With reference to a design and build project provide a comparison for the client on the method of tendering that could be utilized and evaluate the relationship between taking-off techniques and the type of contractual arrangements that would be recommended for the design and build project.

Task 3 – Analyse the factor that affect the selection of construction procurement method The report should

Identify and discuss all factors that affect private and public procurementJustify these factors that determine the selection of an estimatingProduce a procurement plan that analyse the procurement processes for a publicGiven an estimating technique, assess its effect on selection of construction procurement methods for a major the

Task 4 – Calculate an estimate for a work activity You are asked to

Identify and discuss the common methods of estimating for individual work activity in thisUse different estimation techniques to produce a unit rate for each of given work activities, including but not limited to excavation works, concrete works, concrete block walls construction, 1:3:6 cement sand screed in relation to this major projectCompare the results of different estimation techniques on the costs for a given work activity in this major