“Getting to Know Me: A Presentation About Myself”

Please provide all of the following information in a short 6 slide PowerPoint.
1. This PowerPoint is about you! Please provide the following information on separate slides.
2. Make sure that you think about your design principles while making this PowerPoint
3. Please have at least 3 pictures that pertains to the subject on 3 slide of your presentation! Use Clip art or a picture from the web. If you use a picture from the web, please cite it on the last slide of your PowerPoint presentation. (Put the links to
the websites on the last slide)
4. The presentation should have 6 slides, the information that should be on the slides are
listed below with bullets.
● Choose ONE of the following topics: 1. Any IT related topic.
2. Any topic about your study.
3. Your career and experience.
4. One of your interests and hobbies. 5. Saudi Foundation Day and history.
● Have an Ending Slide. It can say “The End”

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