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GAPSC Standard



– I Can Statement: CCGPS or GPS standard restated in I Can form. Question(s) should also align with central focus and lesson objectives.
-Central Focus/ Lesson Objective: The central focus should support students in developing the knowledge and skills related to identified standard. More inclusive than I can statement. Should include the type measurement/ to be used.
-Academic Language:
-Language Function – Specific verb. (Ex: compare, contrast, identify, list, complete, etc)
-Language Vocabulary – Any specific vocabulary necessary to teach related standards. Include
new vocabulary for students as well as vocabulary used by the teacher.
-Language syntax – Teacher. Language Discourse: Student.
Explain what the teacher will do and say. Explain what the student will do and say.
Include examples, explanations and methods of checking for understanding. Use language
-Media and Technology:
Media: Identify resources needed by the teacher and students
Technology: Identify technology used by the teacher.
Identify technology used by the student.
-Introduction: Describe the strategies you will use to diagnose student prior knowledge. Describe how the student abilities, socio economic levels, and culture related to your planned activities.
-Management Plan: Description of how you will manage specific classroom tasks in this lesson.
-Body of Lesson / Teaching Strategies: Step-by-step explanation of what students will do. What questions will you ask, how will the students participate, how will they use the identified vocabulary.
-Modifications / Accommodations: How will you accommodate for students with specific needs (IEP). How will you accommodate students other than identified IEP’s and 504’s?
-Closure / Summarizing Strategies: How will students share what they have learned? What documentation and artifacts will they produce? How does lesson relate to prior learning and future opportunities for application of skills?
-Assessment / Evaluation: Describe assessments, identify related documents, artifacts, and other evidence you will collect to determine student understanding. Explain feedback processes.



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