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For this assignment, you will write a three to five page APA proposal explaining your main proposal concept and two sub-issues under your main concept that you will explore. In your proposal, you will state the name of your project (that you will cover in two parts), what modality you will be using to convey your findings (research evaluative papers or podcasts) and the scholarly sources that you will be using. For your research, you should have a minimum of 10 scholarly sources. You will explain why you are pursuing this research as well. If you are doing podcasts, you will use Soundcloud, Substack, iTunes, YouTube, or Spotify. State which platform you will be using. If you are doing podcasts, they must be between 20 to 40 minutes in duration, with the inclusion of the scholarly sources mentioned in the podcasts. In this proposal, make sure you provide extensive discussion and elaborate as much as possible to make sure I have a clear understanding of what you will be exploring. Again, you can research anything under the sun as long as you connect your research to the content of this course. This assignment is for my Psychology of the Africana Class. The topic that you decide to choose needs to be related back to what we are learning in the class. Here are some examples of some readings we have had in the class How Capitalism Has Made the World Sick | The Nation Don’t Call Nigeria a Failed State | Foreign Affairs



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