For your final project, you will put the 6 Project Building Assignments (The Bas

For your final project, you will put the 6 Project Building Assignments (The Basics, Develop Your Purpose Statement, Building Your Nonprofit Team, Funding Your Nonprofit, Telling Your Nonprofit’s Story, Logo and Tagline assignment, and Best Practices/Resources) into one comprehensive document – an informative booklet. 
The expectation is that you could present this booklet to potential board members, donors, and partners, to gain their support for your organization. Hint: Donors do not want to see “course language” (e.g., Module X, instruction text, etc.) in a booklet!
Example of a Booklet
FORMATTING & LANGUAGE: Your final document must be submitted in Word format and should have a high degree of professionalism (proper grammar, harmonious layout, etc.). Please number your pages and use section headers. Use we/us/ours when referring to the nonprofit and third person when referring to the founder (you). Remember to name your document in this format: “ModuleX_JohnSmith_NPL3000_Fall2022″
COVER & CONTENT PAGE: Please include a cover page with your name, your organization’s name, your logo, and your tagline, followed by another page with a table of contents. Use these instructionsLinks to an external site. to create a professional table of content in Word doc. Note: GoogleDocs might require other guidelines and will probably not download/upload as seamlessly as a Microsoft Word due to unexpected changes in layout/formatting.
INFOGRAPHIC & SOCIAL MEDIA: You must also include the infographic you created in Modules 6 into your document (may work nicely in the beginning of the report as an executive summary but you may choose where you think it fits best). Include screenshots of your social media landing page and 3 posts. 
COMMENT FUNCTION: In this combined document, you must show that you have responded to the feedback I have provided in each of the assignments. If you did not receive a re-uploaded submission for certain assignments, there is a high chance I left comments under the “View Feedback” button, please take those comments into account as well! 
Use the “Comments” function in Word (under the “Review” menu) to tell me what the feedback was and summarize your edits. See example of a comment here:
Remember to highlight the in-text changes you made to address that feedback.
5. IN-TEXT SOURCES: In some assignments you were asked to list sources and explain how you used their content in bullet points. Please keep those in your booklet, as they justify why you made certain decisions to strengthen your nonprofit. Those sources must also be listed under “resources” (see 7.).
6. REFLECTION SECTION: At the end of the document, please include 5-10 sentences (2 paragraphs) where you connect the readings from Module 7 with the experience of “building” your nonprofit throughout this course. Mention two of them by name. You can call this section “A Word from the Founder” – feel free to use I/me/my as these paragraphs will be personal and tailored to your experience. Cite at least 2 Canvas readings you reflect on under the “resources” section.
7. REFERENCES & CITATIONS: Use APA citations to list all the sources you mentioned in your modules at the end of the final paper under the title “resources”. Make sure they are listed in alphabetical sequence and that there are no repetitions.