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For this Course Project assignment, you will need to explore the job market for

For this Course Project assignment, you will need to explore the job market for Human Services Professionals in your community (or in the region you intend to seek employment). There are a wide variety of online resources available to support your exploration but all resources are not created equally. Some may provide higher quality information than you would find on other sites. Although searching an employment website using the phrase “Human Services” will certainly return results, because the field consists of so many specialty areas, you’ll likely want to narrow your focus. The Human Services Profession tab of Rasmussen’s Library Guide for Human Services is a great place to see resources that are available to start your job research. Once you have narrowed the job titles that interest you a bit, use online resources such as and, as well as LinkedIn’s job search feature to help you locate relevant employment opportunities. You may also be able to go directly to agency/organization websites to search their job openings Instructions: Research the duties and responsibilities of various Human Services Professionals and then choose a Human Services job description that really appeals to you. In a 2-page Microsoft Word document, address the following: Describe the Human Services position you have selected. Be sure to provide: Title of the job and the source of the job-posting. Name of the agency/organization offering the job. City and State where the job is located. Education, training, and/or experience required of the job. Explain the duties and responsibilities associated with the job. Describe what aspect of the position do you find most appealing. Why do you think you would be a good fit for this particular job? Assess the ways in which you think this job could be considered a “helping profession” or could be characterized as a career that involves being a “change agent.” Implement two (2) credible resources and include two (2) intext citations. Include any resources you used on the reference page. General requirements: Minimal to no spelling and grammar errors Attempts APA intext citations Provides references page in APA format


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