For this assignment, you will post a reflective essay in the discussion forum. Y

For this assignment, you will post a reflective essay in the discussion forum. You will choose a video from the above linked source on YouTube at the Audit the Audit channel. For those of you who do not know, there are people that go around as “auditors” of the police and record their interactions. This information is uploaded to different platforms so that they can basically show how the police have treated them, right or wrong. There are others who secure the body-worn camera videos of the police-citizen interactions. Unfortunately, some of the worst behaviors are shown and not all of the good work that the police do is often highlighted. With that in mind, consulting these videos should NOT be meant to generalize to all police or be seen as a full representation of the police. Even though these videos are not necessarily representative, we can glean some very important information from police-citizen interactions when things go right and when things go wrong. At the Audit the Audit channel, which I am not affiliated with in any way, there are a plethora of videos that are dissected by the narrator to determine whether the police and or citizen acted in a legal way. They present case law as well as rate the people involved in the interaction.
Your post should address several key aspects of the video you choose:
1) Describe the incident in the video you pick from the Audit the Audit channel. You should identify the legal issue or issues at hand -was a constitutional issue or issues at stake? and which amendment? Explain.
2) Was there an actual violation or violations of the person’s rights according to the case law and what was the policy or case law that was identified and discussed? Explain.
3) What seemed to be the reason the violation occurred?  Poor training or misunderstanding the law on behalf of the police or citizen? Explain.
4) Would you have handled things differently as a citizen(s) in the interaction? Would you have handled things differently as the officer(s) in the interaction?
In crafting your responses, do not provide a bulleted list. You should write in essay format. You should identify by name and URL the video you choose and cite the Audit the Audit channel to ensure proper attribution. If you use any other sources, you must cite as well. Please conform to APA style and citation. You will be graded on originality (no use of AI such as chat GPT or other AI platforms and you must cite and use your own words), grammar, sentence construction, spelling, and whether you fully addressed the prompts above. There is no word count limit.  No assignment will be accepted late. If you have not completed the assignment by the deadline, you should submit what you have by the deadline for partial credit. You will be graded on your main writing.