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For this assignment you are required to review and summarize the article titled: “The experience of the self in Canadian youth living with anxiety: A qualitative study.” (note: article has been posted on Blackboard).
You are required to answer the questions outlined below (Part A and B) based on the article.
Written Assignment Worth: 20%; Due Date March 17th, 2023
Your assignment is to write a review on the assigned article.
The paper should be approximately 6 pages in total (typed, double spaced, 12-point font, 1” margins, excluding title page and reference page).
o Note: you will not be penalized for submitting a paper that is under the 6-page limit, however, ensure that all questions have been answered thoroughly.
o You will be penalized for submitting a paper that exceeds the 6 pages. You will be penalized 10% for every ½ page over the limit.
o Part A: Worth 80 marks, Length: Approx. 5 pages
o Part B: Worth 20 marks, Length: Approx. 1 page (250-300 words)
Note: Do not use direct quotes in the paper. Exceptions: you can add in a few lines quoting the participants when discussing the themes, and when referring to questions posed in the interviews. Please carefully paraphrase all other work. Directly quoted material (other than the participant quotes and interview questions will not be graded).
Essay Format Suggestion and Scoring Scheme
• Below is an outline of what should be included in the paper and points associated with each section/component. Please note that there are two Parts to this assignment: PART A and B
PART A: Instructions (worth 80 marks)
Written Assignment Component 80 Marks in
– You need to introduce the article/topic. Include the necessary background information (e.g., pertinent past research findings).
– In the introduction you are setting up the research question(s)/ research issue. Why is it important? What has research shown us so far? Why conduct the study?
Hypothesis/ Study Purpose
– In your own words clearly state the purpose of the study (the hypotheses).
Population of interest/ Participants
– Who were the participants (e.g., average age, age range, etc…)?
Measurement Strategy
– Briefly explain the data collection and measurement strategies.
– What did the authors do?
– What tasks (measures) did the participants complete?
Important Findings
– What were the main themes
– What were the conclusions or main findings of the article?
– What is the interpretation of this/these findings, in your own words
– What does this mean? Discuss implications of findings.
Limitations/Future Direction
– Discuss any possible limitations of the study
– Discuss a possible future direction
– APA 7th edition.
PART B: Parenting Magazine Article Instructions
20 Marks in
• Based on the information presented in Part A write an article for a parenting magazine. Keep in mind your target audience: parents/ guardians as they may benefit to learn about the research article and findings you reported on in Part A.
• Ensure that the article highlights the key issues that a parent should be aware of and the key findings. Use laymen’s terms in  the article, meaning that your explanation should use language that any average individual can understand (i.e., do not use complex or technical terms, or any jargon).
Reminder: Part B should be approximately 1 page or 250-300
words (typed, double spaced, 12-point font, 1” margins)
1. Article Title: Give your article a title. Title should reflect the content of the article.
2 marks
2. Necessary Background and/or Theory: briefly provide the reader with background information.
8 marks
3. Highlight key findings and practical implications of the
findings. What would parents/guardians learn from reading
your magazine article?
10 marks
Note: Clarity, proper grammar, correct usage of language, and a consistent APA 7
the edition
referencing format are expected on the written assignment.



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