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#1 Research Methods

For this assignment, you will write a two-part essay.

In part I, you must accomplish the following:

Begin with an introduction and thesis statement for the essay.Compare and contrast research methods.Provide an overview of qualitative research methods versus quantitative research methods and state the similarities and differences between them.Create a table showing the differences, advantages, and disadvantages.

For part 2 of this essay, you will compare and contrast the experimental, quasi-experimental, and nonexperimental research.

Provide an example of each from your own research.Create a table showing the differences, advantages, and disadvantages.

Your essay should be at least five pages in length, not counting the title or reference pages. You must support your essay with at least three peer-reviewed sources from the last 3 years.

Adhere to APA Style when constructing this assignment, including in-text citations and references for all sources that are used. Please note that no abstract is needed.



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