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Question 1: Building Envelope

Appraise 5 considerations/performances in the selection of façade designs/ materials.
Building facades require regular maintenance to prevent them from deteriorating and turning into a safety hazard. However, inspection and diagnostic of the building façade are increasingly challenging with the increasing complexity of the façade systems.
List 3 common defects for 5 of the following façade wall systems and discuss the possible causes that lead to the defects of the selected façade system:
(i) Precast concrete/concrete/brick wall
(ii) Plastered wall
(iii) Painted wall
(iv) Tiled wall
(v) Metal/stone cladding
(vi) Curtainwall
You are a Competent Person engaged to conduct the façade inspection for a commercial building with a glass curtain wall system. Formulate a proposal that outlines the procedures of your façade inspection for your client.

Question 2: Structural Investigation, Failure mechanisms, and diagnostic tools.

Buildings require regular maintenance to continue to remain structurally safe for the intended users and occupants. It is required by law – under the Building Control Act – for building owners to engage a qualified Professional Engineer to conduct Periodic Structural Inspections once every ten years for residential buildings and once every five years for others. Elaborate on the stages of periodic structural inspection and explain the scope of each stage in detail.
In the submission of the Inspection Report to BCA, a checklist is required to be included in and as part of the inspection report. Discuss the items on the Checklist for Periodic Structural Inspection of Existing Building.
Discuss 5 types of common defects found in concrete buildings and their causes.
Propose the suitable NDT tests for investigating each type of concrete defect listed in Question 2(c).

Question 3: The 3Ms – Maintenance, Management, and Mitigation

The recent management and maintenance of the building are improved and enhanced with the availability of advanced information systems and innovative technologies. Discuss how you can adopt advanced information systems and innovative technologies in improving the management and maintenance of the building.
Elaborate on the challenges in adopting digital technologies in building management and maintenance.

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