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Group #2
Effectiveness of Facts and Conclusions:
I got to read an email sent from my father who is the ceo of a company in my home country of Sweden to the stockholders and the individual members of Management group. The email states that they have had a record braking year with statistical data and initiatives included. He also writes about the company’s future and what that will look like.
The facts and conclusions are well-written, starting with clear achievements: a 10% revenue increase and 15% net income growth. These figures are specific and provide a good overview to where the company has improved the most. The conclusion about the company’s future outlook is optimistic, projecting confidence and a positive trajectory
Targeting the Audience: The message is well-targeted to the stockholders and the management group, focusing on financial performance, strategic initiatives, and growth. Financial metrics directly address stockholders’ concerns about profitability and the operations side of things and just the general achievement of it all is something I feel like the management group will feel happy about getting included in as they play a big role. However, it could include a brief overview of market conditions and the company’s competitiveness for added context.
Logical Consistencies: The message is logically consistent, with each paragraph building on the previous one. It follows a coherent narrative from past performance to current initiatives and future plans.
Tone and Other-Orientation: The message maintains a positive tone, using phrases like “record-breaking year” and “stable growth.” It is confident and forward-looking, which will speak to stockholder confidence. The message also shows other orientation by mentioning the efforts of the team and the support of customers.
Summary: The message is well-crafted, effectively communicates key information, and maintains a positive and appreciative tone.
please respond to this below is the original discussion #2 Discussion Topic:
Evaluating a Business Message (LO 5.2, LO 5.3, LO 5.4, LO 5.5)
Choose a business message to evaluate. You could find a recent letter you have received from a business, go to a website and choose a message for customers or stockholders, or use a Google search to find a solid business message example. Select a message that contains at least three or four paragraphs. Evaluate the message in the following ways:
How effectively are facts and conclusions written?
How effectively is the message targeted to its audience? Do you have any suggestions for how it could have been better adapted for the audience?
Does it have any logical inconsistencies? Explain.
Does the message portray a tone of positivity? Other-orientation? Describe your viewpoint with examples.