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Discuss the premise’s nature of business and operating environment;
Provide a condensed version of the building profile;
Refer to Detailed Building/Complex Profile in Attachment, if required.
Discuss the layout of the selected premise;
Discuss each floor’s usage, for example, Level B1-B5 are car park; Level 1 is Lobby and Reception, Level 2-6 are retails shopping outlets, Level 7-12 are offices, etc.
Include description/location of essential plant rooms such as fire sprinkler pump-room, lift motor room, domestic water tank, pump room, electrical transformer room, etc.
Do not discuss Tier-level here.
Discuss how the premise/building management is organized to oversee fire safety management;
Provide the premise/building’s fire safety organization structures;
Provide details of the designation of the various appointment holders;
Discuss the various fire safety programs relevant to the premise;
Provide a schedule of the annual fire safety programs;

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