Exploring the Impact of Primary Sources in Understanding Historical Figures and Events

This is an optional extra credit essay. It’s worth 25 points but is listed as 1 so that the points you receive are truly extra.
In this discussion board, I’d like you to think about the topics, historical figures and events, and primary sources we covered in this class. What topic, person, primary source selection, or idea did you find most interesting, unusual, surprising, and why? This could be anything. Perhaps a particular historical or fictional person caught your interest. Maybe you found one story, artwork, or philosophical concept particularly compelling. Choose one aspect of anything you came across and expand on your thoughts about it.
Your topic is completely up to you. Just keep it positive. You can objectively critique a story, or a historical figure’s actions, but this is not the place to discuss what you may have disliked.
Your essay will be graded on the following:
All parts of assignment are answered.
Ideas demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the topic.
Writing is clear and organized.
Essay is at least 250 words. (It can be longer if you want.) Word count is not arbitrary. It is meant to help you expand on your ideas.
You’ve provided your own opinion. No outside research is necessary.
How to save and submit your essay:
Write your essay in software such as Microsoft Word for PC or Mac.
Make sure your file is .doc, .docx, or .pdf.
Name your file with your last name and file type (example—Smith.doc)
Please note: if you use Pages, you must save your file as a PDF. File—Export to—PDF
If you use Google Docs, you must save your file as a PDF. File—Print—Destination—Save as PDF. Then click Save, and choose where you want to save it.
Post your paper here by the date and time listed here and in the Course Schedule. You must submit your paper here. No essays will be accepted in class or by email.
Be sure to save a copy of your work.

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