Exploring Structured Query Language (SQL): Lab 4

Lab 4 focuses on Structured Query Language (SQL).
Download these files:
Lab_4.docx contains the instructions to follow to complete Lab 4.
Lab_4_CREATE_First_6_Tables.sql Download Lab_4_CREATE_First_6_Tables.sqlcontains SQL Code to create half of the tables for the assignment. You will create the rest of them as you work through the lab.
The below resources will be helpful to complete the lab:
Connecting_To_IS4420_RDS_WebAccess.pdf contains instructions to connect to the SQL lab environment.
Lab 4 Introduction Video.mp4 Download Lab 4 Introduction Video.mp4is a video that will help you get familiar with the SQL lab environment.
Lab_4_Foreign_Keys Download Lab_4_Foreign_Keyswill help you understand Foreign Keys better, which is a common challenge for students doing this lab.

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