Explaining the Fentanyl Trafficking Case Using Differential Association Theory

Step 1: Choose a criminological theory that you believe explains this crime.  Choose a different theory than that used in assignment number one.
The first paragraph should explain the case, who, what where when and how, in your own words. Make it clear you understand what the crime is and how it was carried out.  You can access other DOJ documents on this specific case only by doing a google search with the following search phrase:
Add name of primary perpetrator here + DOJ site:gov
The document I have added below may be enough for you to write the paper.
The second paragraph should be a thorough discussion of the criminological theory you have chosen to explain this crime. Make sure you include the name of the person who developed the theory, background, and demonstrate a clear understanding of the theory. You are allowed to use only the course text for this discussion.
The remaining paragraphs must be an argument supporting your claim that this specific theory explains the specific criminal case you have chosen.
The total paper should be about 500 words.
It must include citations for any quoted material.  All verbatim copy must be in quotation marks and properly cited, and under 25% match rate on turnitin.
I am looking for your understanding of the theory and your ability to apply it to the criminal case you have chosen.

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