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: Exercise Physiology

Question 1

(a) Discussion:

Compare the V̇O2max (ml/kg/min) values of TWO (2) team members between the Bruce and Ebbeling Submaximal Protocol GXTs OR between the Åstrand-Ryhming Cycle Ergometer Submaximal Exercise Test Protocol and PWC-170 Cycle Test.
Evaluate the TWO (2) team members based on their
Cardio Respiratory Fitness with respect to the CRF Classification of V̇ O2max (ml/kg/min) by Age and Gender and
Medical and lifestyle fitness profile status based on the Health Screening self-reports.
Present an evaluation review of the TWO (2) team members. Provide supporting evidence in your evaluation review.
Attach the Health Screening self-reports, of the TWO (2) team members, as an appendix to your TMA02.

(b) Identify and explain THREE (3) practical things that you have learned from the laboratory sessions that you can apply to enhance your experience as EITHER an athlete, coach/trainer, mentor, sports administrator, teacher-in-charge, school leader, parent OR in any other related capacity. Provide examples and supporting evidence relevant to the real-world context.


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