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: Exercise Physiology

Question 1

Examine THREE (3) health-related components of physical fitness and THREE (3) skill-related components of physical fitness that are used to describe an athlete’s fitness assessment.
Identify and explain TWO (2) valid testing protocols that will be used to measure each of the THREE (3) skill-related components of physical fitness, described in the previous answer to Question 1(a).

Question 2

The table below provides the NAPFA Test results of a certain individual and an estimation of his current levels of fitness performance. You should consult the NAPFA standards to gauge the individual’s baseline fitness levels.

Appraise what each test item measures in terms of the health-related & skill-related components of physical fitness. Substantiate your answers, with evidence, that each test item in the NAPFA battery is a valid measure of the respective component.
From the NAPFA Test Results, it is evident that the individual has not met the baseline passing standards for three of the test items. Select THREE (3) major muscles and their specific actions that need to be exercised by the individual in order to improve EACH of the three weak test items.
Propose TWO (2) test-specific training drills for performance enhancement for EACH of the weak test items identified.


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