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Assessment 2: Essay Plan

Assessment Details and Instructions

Due Date: Week 6, Wednesday at 12:00 pm (noon) (AEST/AEDT). 5th July 2023.

Length: 1000 words

Weighting: 30% of overall grade

This assessment is designed to assist you top a logical essay develop plan that will be used in Assessment 3, the essay. Select one topic from those recommended below and develop an essay plan that outlines the main points you intend to cover in your final assessment (the essay).


Your essay plan should include: 

your argument in relation to the chosen topic area

an introduction which reflects the order of points in your essay plan 

3-4 main points that you will discuss in the main body of your essay.

Each main point should provide:

a clear topic sentence. 

appropriate evidence to support your point 

a linking sentence. 

Dot points are acceptable; however, full sentences are required, and the essay plan must clearly convey the main argument underpinning your essay.

Recommended topic suggestions: 

Discuss the link between incarceration, bail conditions, and recidivism after release in Australia. (You may wish to focus on a specific population, e.g. youth)

Discuss the role of police discretion in shaping public perceptions of police legitimacy in Australia.

Explore three key challenges in balancing the rights of the offender against the rights of the victim in Australian courts. 

Students are welcome to propose alternative topics. These should focus on crime or criminal justice issues of relevance to Australia, and must be discussed with the Unit Lecturer prior to commencing this assessment to ensure they are appropriate.



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