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ENG 130 Module Three Written Response APA Exemplar
Summaries, Quotes, and Paraphrases

Note: This exemplar models APA style.

Complete this template by replacing the bracketed text with the relevant information.

Write a brief summary of the text chosen for the project.

The text chosen for the project is “What Everyone Needs to Know to Be More Productive” by Dana Rousmaniere (2015). This text summarizes advice and best practices from a series run by Harvard Business School called “Getting More Work Done.” It highlights methods on how to get organized and be more productive in the work environment and in life in general.

Choose one sentence from the text and incorporate it as a quote in an original sentence.

Quote: “Finally, realize that you’re not going to be at your best every hour of the day, so try to schedule your most important work to align with periods of peak energy.”

Sentence: Rousmaniere argues that workers should try to time their “most important work to align with periods of peak energy” (2015, p. 3).

Take the same sentence from the text and incorporate it as a paraphrase in an original sentence. According to Rousmaniere (2015), workers should know that their energy will vary throughout the day, so they should perform their key tasks during their most focused and energetic times of day.

Use in-text citations throughout the assignment to properly cite the writer’s ideas according to APA or MLA standards.

· Use either APA or MLA standards to properly cite the writer’s ideas in your summary as well as in the sentences where you quoted and paraphrased the writer’s work.



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