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Chingay 2023 returned to the F1 Pit Building for the first time since its Golden Jubilee, and the first physical parade after two years of hybrid and digital showcases.

The 2-night Chingay Parade engaged local and overseas artists, 3,000 volunteers, local communities, and partners. The parade was expected to attract more than 100,000 spectators per night. Tickets were limited and were sold early in advance for both dates of the parade i.e. 4 and 5 Feb 2023.

The theme for Chingay 2023 was “Embrace Tomorrow”. The concept was to remind people to treasure what we have today and to embrace the future.

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Audiences could look forward to the comeback of iconic Chingay floats and 17 community-cocreated mini floats, and indulge in the colorful and vibrant parade by the diverse talents and multiethnic communities performed in front of a street-style container art backdrop that was cocreated by youths. There were also light and laser shows, pyrotechnic and fireworks display.
A street party would start at the end of the parade.

As the event organiser for the parade, answer the following questions:

(a) Appraise FIVE (5) challenges of managing logistics in site operations.
(b) Recommend, with reasons, the relevant types of licenses and permits the event organiser must obtain prior to the parade.
(c) Discuss EIGHT (8) major risks and hazards that are associated with the parade, including the measures to manage them.
Note: the assessment of the identified risk or the use of risk matrix are not required

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