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EDUC5383—Data Based Decision Making


EDUC5383—Data Based Decision Making

Due Date: This is pretty good Azarria, but I see no data. We need the actual data–both quantitative and qualitative. Email me if you would like to resubmit, December 6, 2023,

In order to receive full credit (200 Points) for this assignment, each student must complete a FINAL that consists of a PowerPoint as a compilation/application of everything learned in the course surrounding making data-driven decisions for school improvement. The project assignment must include: constructing a plan for collecting and compiling data, determining who will be part of the data-driven decision making committee for school improvement, a BRIEF analysis of a set of data specific/necessary for School Improvement, plans for what to do with the data analysis, course of action based on the data analysis, timeline for the data collection/analysis, and a practical improvement plan based on the data.  All of this information must also be developed into an engaging PowerPoint presentation.





1.     Student includes plan for collecting and compiling data

(20 Points)

2.     Student states specifically by position how many/who will be on the data-driven decision making committee for school improvement

(20 Points)

3.     Student provides a BRIEF analysis of a set of data specific/necessary for School Improvement

(25 Points)

4.     Student provides specific plans for next steps with the data analysis

(20 Points)

5.     Student shares detailed course of action based on data analysis

(25 Points)

6.     Student provides a timeline for the data collection and analysis

(20 Points)

7.     Student writes a brief but detailed and practical School Improvement Plan based on data

(30 Points)

       8.  Create a PowerPoint including all of the components from #1, items a-h, above. Be sure               

            the PowerPoint is engaging, interactive, colorful, etc.

(40 Points)

** These instructions are general, in terms of the data collection and plan. However, each student should feel free to target a specific area if desired, such as mathematics, reading, attendance, graduation rates, English Language Learning (ELL), Special Education (SPED), School Behavior and Discipline, etc.  It is YOUR choice—feel free to make it relevant to the grade level, content area, interest, appropriate for YOU!!!

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