Each team member is required to conduct one interview with an individual current

Each team member is required to conduct one interview with an individual currently working in the student’s career of interest. This individual cannot be a family member, classmate, or fellow student at KSU.
Interviews can be conducted in person, over the phone, or via email. The objective of this exercise is to expand your professional network and learn about your career of interest. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you contact individuals working at organizations that interest you or individuals working in a job you hope to have in the future (see question #3 below, for example).
Interviews must be structured and follow the questions provided below. This is to ensure consistency, to help ease the interview process (you don’t have to come up with questions on your own), and to help with writing the executive summary. Below are the questions that should be asked during the interview:
How would you describe your career path, and how did you reach the position you are in now?
What do you believe is the most important skill or type of knowledge that is needed to be successful in your job?
For someone looking to start a career in your field of work (or “to improve my career in your field of work” if you already have a job in this area), what are the most important first steps I can take to start moving towards that goal?
This interview is part of my management class, from your experience, what are the characteristics of an ideal manager?
Following the interviews, the team is required to develop an executive summary of the information they gathered from each of the interviews. The summary should contain the following information:
What are the similarities and differences in how the people interviewed reached their current job?
What skills or areas of knowledge are needed to be successful in each job, is there a common theme across jobs?
What are the most important first steps for each job (question #3), are there any similarities or differences between jobs?
How does each person interviewed describe an ideal manager? Are there any differences or similarities?
What’s due – Each team must submit a 3 to 4 page single-spaced executive summary (not including the title page or contact information page; 5 page maximum), which summarizes each of the questions listed above based on information gathered from the interviews. Additionally, the team must include the email of the person interviewed, when the interview took place (day/month), the organization and job title of the person interviewed, and what medium (email, phone, face-to-face) was used to conduct the interview. Papers will be graded on the quality of the presentation (writing, structure, and organization) and the quality of the responses to the above questions (succinct and clear responses to the questions above).
Please note: copy/pasting text from websites directly into the paper is considered plagiarism. You can use quotes, “Like this” (Lowman, 2020), if appropriately cited. But, excessive use will result in point deductions due to a lack of original content.

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