E2409C: Aviation, Assignment, RP, Singapore : Aircraft and Flight Operations


1. The Graded Assignment will constitute 100% of the overall module assessment grade. It comprises an individual report submission. On a case-by-case basis, you may be required to do an oral interview to seek clarifications on the report contents.

2. The Graded Assignment is to be submitted by 3 January 2024 (Wednesday), 2359 hrs via uploading a soft copy on to S.A. 2.0.

3. Late submissions without leave of absence (LOA) will be subjected to the following penalty:

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4. The total marks for this assignment is 100 marks.

5. The marking criteria are as shown below.

6. Graded Assignment Declaration

7. Graded Assignment

You are the Head of Flight Operations of Republic Air Services, which operates chartered flights from Seletar Airport in Singapore. You are to submit a detailed written report that addresses the following:

1. Analyse the impact of weather on aircraft operations for regional flights departing from and arriving at Seletar Airport. In addition, recommend suitable resources that can be used by the flight crew to mitigate the effects of inclement weather. (30 marks)

2. Explain in detail two methods and/or systems that can be employed by the flight crew to optimise aircraft fuel efficiency during flight. (30 marks)

3. As part of its expansion plan, Republic Air Services is considering adding a new aircraft to its fleet. Evaluate if the existing Seletar Airport runway length is sufficient for the new aircraft’s operations. (40 marks)

Explain all assumptions and show all workings.

Refer to Annex C for the Seletar Airport Runway characteristics and the new aircraft specifications.

8. Format of written assignment.

a. The format of the report should be as follows:
1) Typed in double-spaced, A4 size
2) Arial font size 12
3) 1.5 inch margin on all four sides
4) Length of report should between 1,500 to 2,500 words (excluding cover page, and references)

b. Report structure

1) Title (of your report)

2) Introduction

3) Body
A. Heading 1
B. Heading 2
C. Heading 3….
4) Conclusion

5) Recommendation, if any

6) References – American Psychological Association (APA) referencing guidelines, proper referencing of all external resources used should be included in the report.

c. Use literature or theories to support or contrast your results, findings or insights. The report should show the clarity and accuracy of data/information obtained. The information collected must be relevant to the objective of the assignment. The report must include analyses and applications of knowledge. The report should be well organised, original and conclusive.

d. Plagiarism occurs when you take sentences or paragraphs or even the whole article written by another person and pass it off as your own work without acknowledging the author or the original source. You are also advised not to share your work with fellow course-mates. Participants caught plagiarising will be given a Fail grade.

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