Do you believe the author provides adequate research within the article? Explain. A key aspect to research is including credible sources. Does John Hurdle provide adequate sources? How can you tell?

Do you believe the author provides adequate research within the article? Explain. A key aspect to research is including credible sources. Does John Hurdle provide adequate sources? How can you tell? Give some examples. How does the author create context for the topic? Another way to ask the question is, what does the author use as introductory material? This article follows one of three organization patterns: cause-effect, effect-cause, or problem-solution. Which one of these patterns is the focus of this article and why? My Professor had my classmates and I do a discussion post about to story. This was my response. “Jon Hurdle’s article is backed by thorough research, incorporating facts, dates, disaster images, and credible statistics. The use of statistics, such as the estimated 50 million Americans affected (Hurdle 2022), adds credibility. Citing Professor Matthew Hauer from Florida State University further strengthens the article’s reliability (Hurdle 2022). Hurdle’s inclusion of real-life examples effectively connects with readers and maintains a well-organized narrative.For example, he states “estimated that 50 million Americans could eventually…” (Hurdle 2022) Another example of Hurdle using a credible source is a professor. “……by Matthew Hauer, an assistant professor of sociology a Florida State University, is that 13.1 million Americans relocate because of sea-level rise alone by 2100,…” (Hurdle 2022). The professor chose credible sources that you can believe are true and you can be sure that your getting knowledgeable information. ” Here is his response to the disscussion post that i wrote. “Very good inclusing of specific evidence from the article. This evdience could be used to develop your essay if you choose to make this article the focus of your first writing assignment. This is the third and final article. The first article was a problem-solution, the second was an effect-cause, and this article follows a cause-effect pattern: due to the changes in climate (cause), people are now relocating (effect). In order to build the article’s support, the author uses common-knowledge facts, research from credible sources, and illustrate examples. When it comes to providing information from sources, it’s important to provide context for the source. For example, in the article, it states, “How will people deal with extreme heat? Will they have access to potable water?” asked Jesse Keenan, an associate professor of real estate in the architecture school at Tulane University in New Orleans.” Notice that the author of the source tells the reader that the source is credible by giving the sources professional credentials. The author does this each time a new source is introduced, Cheryl Morse and Matthew Hauer. To provide evidence, oftentimes research is needed. This is most often necessary when addressing an unfamiliar topic. However, common knowledge facts are equally important. In case you’re not familiar with “common knowledge,” this is factual information that no one owns. Dates and historical occurrences are the most likely forms of common knowledge. For instance, in the article “As Climate Fears Mount,” one paragraph uses common knowledge facts when identifying residents who fled New Orleans due to Hurricane Katrina, Houstonians who escaped Hurricane Harvey in 2017, and Native Alaskans who had to relocate due to rising sea levels. No one owns these facts, so none of the information has to be cited. Ownership of information most often comes in the forms of statistics and direct quotes. When it comes time to develop your research paper, you will need to include both research and common knowledge facts. However, if you’re unsure whether to cite or not, it never hurts to provide a citation of where you located the information. And finally, the author builds an argument from consensus. That is, the author provides a number of examples to support the main idea. This includes common knowledge examples, illustrative examples like the Brazils and Hurds, and reputable sources.” He now wants a 2-3 Page paper on what the short story. Please write in MLA format.