Digital Transformation & eBusiness Assignment 1

Digital Transformation & eBusiness
Assignment 1
In this assignment, you are required to create a database with
A minimum of 6 relational tables
Appropriate implicit constraints (including primary & foreign keys)
Explicit (semantic) constraints such as table constraint(s)
At least one view should also be defined within the database.
A minimum of 5 tuples per table
The report requires
An explanation of your database (at least 250 words) Your entity relationship diagram (screen shot of your diagram). You need to explain
the relationships between tables and the cardinality (at least 500 words).
Describe your implicit and explicit constraints (at least 250 words) A description of your view (at least 250 words)
An Appendix which contains all of your SQL, including the code to create the tables, inserts into the tables and the code to create the view. It should also include screenshot of the contents of each table when the data has been entered (use the
query select from (table name); to retrieve the content).
Note: Additional marks will be awarded for innovation and degree of difficulty.
You are required to implement the database using MySQL, which is available on college lab
To complete this task, use whatever software you find most appropriate to design your
entity relationship diagram and to write your report.
Please see sample project as a guide to what is needed (a functional dependency diagram is
not required).
Submission Details:
Due date: 11.59pm, 11/12/2023
Submit a pdf file (word count at least 1250 words excluding code & screen shots)