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Develop research, critical thinking and reading skills

Assessment 3 – Critique of relevant news article (Individual)
Allocation: 30 %
Due Date: Week 5
Length: 1500 words
Submission: Written Essay via Assessment Dropbox
To select an article from newspapers, trade or academic journals that illustrates one specific topic area within your study of Ethics, and to write a critique that highlights your insights and understanding of the ethical issues involved in that particular business real-world situation.
This assessment task is designed to develop research, critical thinking and reading skills. The themed essay is essentially about you demonstrating your understanding of ethical theories, for example: Kant, Utilitarianism, environmental ethics, virtue ethics and justice, etc, through the development of a persuasive argument about one of the key themes (globalisation, corporate social responsibility, environmental ethics or stakeholders or an ethical issue you deem critical in this point in time in our business world) described in the Unit Guide.
Each student will need to select ONE relevant article. This article can come from a newspaper or magazine. This article has to be critiqued using academic peer-reviewed journals. The article must demonstrate a particular issue of business ethics.
The chosen article needs to be a recent one – in the year 2016.
You will need minimum 6 references from the academic peer-reviewed journals to critique and they need to be current ranging from 2010 – current.
In addition, you can use older references. There is no limit to this.
Use the Harvard referencing system. The reference section should list alphabetically each reference cited in the body of your essay.
Note: Any non-academic journal references are not included in the count of the 6 minimum journal articles stated above. Non-academic references can include magazine articles, professional articles etc.
Seek guidance from your tutor on your article of choice.
Marking criteria: (See VU Collaborate for complete criteria)
Selection of Article & Positioning of Ethical Perspective 5
Argument developed using ethical ideas from literature 15
Ethical Theory understanding clearly demonstrated (min 2 theories) 5
Grammar / Referencing (10 using Harvard technique) 5
Argument + ve for – ve for both
Moral position
Ethical position
Essay Structure
Have to argue moral position theories and ethical standard theories
positive and negative and both side arguments


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