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Develop a SMART goal for implementation of the mental health needs of the community of Los Angeles, California as it pertains to Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Identify potential challenges in

TOPIC : STRESS, ANXIETY AND AROUSAL WITHIN SPORTS (Please write in a papertypeformat)
For the first half of the paper, identify an important Issue related to sport psychology and describe that issue in detail . Then for the second half, analyze the issue and suggest solutions. Analysis requires breaking a subject, issue, or event into its constituent elements, so that the assumptions or components are made clear and the relationships between them are made explicit.
Thus, through the analysis paper, the student demonstrates comprehension of the material being analyzed. In that Sport Psychology is interdisciplinary, you can borrow topics and subjects from other areas in which you have an interest, but we must be sure the topic relates to sports psychology.
Issues can include mental or physical conditions, performance, goal-setting and imagery, aggression and violence, group processes, competition, etc. The paper is not a personal opinion or reflection style paper. As such, it should NOT include personal stories or observation sharing, but must analyze the issue; the personal, you or I, must be left out of your thinking and writing. You should write in 3rd person point of view (the most objective and analytical), as though your readers are intelligent but not fully informed about the topic.
Your paper must be developed using research material from at least five sources.
Mark H. Anshel(2007b).Relationships between sources of acute stress and athletes coping style in competitive sport as a function of gender.Psychology of Sport and Exercise,
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