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Develop a dynamic web application

CRICOS Provider No. 00103D Page 1 of 4
Assignment 1: Term 2, 2014
This is an individual assignment in which you are required to develop a dynamic web application as described
below using PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and CSS.
Details of the weight of the assignment and due date are given in the course description.
Task Description
Database structure
The web application uses a 3-table relational database stored on a server that records, for a small gardening
business, the details of bookings for services of various types. The structure of the database is:
Each record in the BOOKING table refers to a booking made by one customer for one service on the date
specified. Customers may book more than one service a day and this requires a separate record for each
service. IDs are unique integers; NAMEs are strings of up to 30 characters; ADDRESS is a string of up to 40
characters; PHONE is a 10-digit numerical string starting with ‘0’ (there are no international numbers);
PRICE_PER_HOUR is a positive number with 2 decimal places; DATE is in ‘ddmmyyyy’ format;
TIME_WORKED is in ‘hhmm’ format. The service is carried out at the customer’s address (for this exercise).
No nulls are permitted except for TIME_WORKED; the entry for this field is not made until the service has
been provided. The BOOKING table has a primary key that combines the primary keys of the other 2 tables
and the date of the service. Primary keys have been underlined.
Initial data
When the database is set up it should be populated with data that you have chosen. Display this data as part
of your documentation. Each table should have from 3 to 6 records initially. Examples of SERVICE_NAME
include mowing, tree-pruning, weeding, clearing, hedge-clipping, planting and rubbish_removal.
Booking forms
Before implementing the database, use PHP and CSS to create a form that enables the business to enter the
details for the BOOKING table when a customer books one or more services on any given date. Wherever
appropriate you should use drop down boxes for user-friendly entry of data and to reduce entry errors.
Use JavaScript to ensure that an entry has been made in each element of the form and that the entries are
valid. For example, check that numbers have been entered in fields that are numerical and that the numbers
entered are within the specified range.
ITECH3224/6224 World
Wide Web Technology 2
Faculty of Science
ITECH3224/6224 World
Wide Web Technology 2
Faculty of Science
CRICOS Provider No. 00103D Assignment 1, 2014/17 Page 2 of 4
Test the form by posting the values of the entries in the borrowing form to a separate php file that will display
the borrowing details in full, including information obtained from the other two tables (once the database has
been implemented).
Creating the database
Use MySQL commands from the command line to create a database on the server with the structure specified
and populated with the initial data.
Test the database by writing a query on the command line that displays all initial data as described on page 1.
Write PHP code that will enable users to create an account giving them access to the database with
permission to query the database and add new bookings. Account usernames will generally be email
addresses. However include username ‘tutor’ with password ‘guest’ as one of the accounts. User passwords
should be encrypted with an MD5() hash function.
Manipulating the database
Write PHP code that connects the database with the application. Enable the user to manipulate the database
in a variety of ways, using a column of 5 buttons, 1 per action, with an appropriate description attached. Four
queries should be enabled that demonstrate at least the ability to select records, select fields and display data
in sorted form. The fifth button should enable the hours worked for a specific service to be inserted into the
appropriate record.
Generating new bookings
Allow recognised users to submit a valid form that creates an additional record or records being written to the
BOOKING table.
Additional task for ITECH6224 students
On the topic of “Accessibility and Usability of Websites” identify four (4), relevant, independent resources. Use
these resources to discuss the topic in about 500 words. Take care to cite appropriately.
Further details
Include in a Word document:
Initial data details
A list of either parts of the assignment you have completed or parts not completed
Details of specific assistance received from people other than lecturer or tutor and the names of those

ITECH3224/6224 World
Wide Web Technology 2
Faculty of Science
CRICOS Provider No. 00103D Assignment 1, 2014/17 Page 3 of 4
Assignment support
This assignment is supported by the first 5 lectures and the first 6 labs. Work on the assignment should be
spread over a number of weeks and done as soon as possible after the relevant lab has been mastered.
Course Description
Refer to the Course Description for details of submission to Moodle, late assignments, extensions, special
consideration, plagiarism, student support, presentation of academic work and adopted reference style.
All files should be zipped and uploaded to Moodle by the due date and time. Check with your tutor as to
whether a hard copy is also required. (Note that ‘also’ does not mean ‘instead of’).

ITECH3224/6224 World
Wide Web Technology 2
Faculty of Science
CRICOS Provider No. 00103D Assignment 1, 2014/17 Page 4 of 4
Assignment 1 Marking Guide Term 2, 2014
Name ____________________________ ID ______________________ Marker ____________________


Initial data – requirements satisfied

Order forms

Creating the database
! Table structure
! Initial data entry

Manipulating the database
! Accuracy of queries and insertion
! Up to 3 marks deducted for lack of variety of queries

Generating new bookings
! Data capture
! New record creation

Additional task for ITECH6224 students

! Initial data

Quality of code – layout, choice of names, etc.


! Static form design
! Validation of entries
! Content
! Writing style
! Adherence to academic standards
! Completion of tasks statement
! Assistance statement
! ITECH3224
! ITECH6224
! Final mark for ITECH6224 (Total * 0.8)


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