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Demo team

Hello Team,

Attached please see the POC info for Product demo support. I have created a demo team and have uploaded the same there.

X and team are working on the ‘in-field’ check list for the sales team. Once ready, it will be sent along with the demo instrument. TSS should make sure to check all the items and email a signed copy to Ambrose after each demo (before shipping the instrument to the next destination). TSS will follow the instructions provided by operations while unpacking, setting up, repacking and shipping the instrument.

Operations will make sure that demo instrument and PC leave B in good condition and will send the completed QC check list to the respective TSS manager beforehand. I will have weekly meetings with support and operations teams until the demo issues get resolved. I will upload a spreadsheet on H demo group (MS team) for the TSS/FAS to record all the demo related issues.

Technical support team is working on the FAQ recurring problems for TSS/FAS to refer before contacting L/others for support. And I will upload it in the MS team as soon as its ready. We all understand the importance to conduct a good quality demo. Let’s help each other to solve all the ongoing issues to ensure high quality experience for our customers.



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