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Question 1

Analyze the source text by applying the framework from Newmark’s method of translation criticism. Based on this analysis, formulate your translation strategy, and determine your approach to translating the foreword. Explain with examples.

Question 2

Something you notice very quickly in that job is your writing needs to be pretty credible, or else it gets ignored. As you’d expect, generals are proper grammar pedants. Worse. They’re busy grammar pedants. Their diaries are “heart attack” hectic, especially when deployed on operations. To win a general’s attention, your work needs to be succinct and grammatically sound. At the point in your paper when you present a grammar howler, the general’s skim-reading will accelerate dramatically, or he’ll push your paper to the bottom of his pile. And, it’ll never resurface. On the other hand, if you offer a well-punctuated, grammatically sound paper, you might just have an impact on the war.

Over the last 25 years, I have worked on the staffs of a raft of US and UK generals (most recently General Stanley McChrystal in Kabul). I have had grammar rammed down my throat, but, as I became more senior, I slowly transformed from rammee to rammer. In this book, I have sought to categorize and answer all the grammar questions that plague not just military staff officers but managers and students from all walks of life.

It’s not just the generals’ whips that have instilled a “love” of grammar in me. I have studied a couple of languages while serving in the Army, and learning these has also caked me in English grammar. In my spare time (most of which should almost certainly have been spent with my wife Penny), I have been working on Grammar Monster. com, which is steadily turning into one of the most popular grammar sites on the web.

I expect I sound like a bit of a geek, and I suppose I am. But, I’m also a through the- ranks British officer. That means I have spent time at each soldier rank and both warranted officer ranks before being commissioned. As a result of treading that path to the office room, I’m probably a little rougher around the edges than your typical British Rupert and a little less geeky than most people with an interest in grammar. Mmmm?

Anyway, my vision with this book was to use my experience to present a light-hearted, easily digestible grammar reference book that is well-indexed and intuitive to use. We’re not going to get into spelling in this book. There’s no need – spellcheckers are effective. This book is about grammar – the stuff your PC doesn’t help with.

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