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Creating your Google Sites website

How to set up your Google SITES website

Creating your Google Sites website:

Go to Google Sites at

Log in using an existing Google account (if you have one) or follow the instructions to create a free account

Click CREATE to create your new website – we suggest choosing the Classic Sites option (as this is the interface used in the support videos etc)

Set your sharing options:

In the Settings menu, choose ‘Sharing and Permissions’ and Change the permissions for ‘Who has access’ to “On – Anyone with the link can access”

Copy the link to share, and share with your tutor

SAVE your settings

Watch the short video for quick tips on how to build your website – choosing a theme, inserting images and links, adding documents etc.

Now you can start building your website!

Recommended structure for your Site:

Use your homepage to show your overview of your chosen company,  and then create the following pages, one page for each of these Parts, and add your analyses of the relevant task in the Assessment 4 Detailed Tasks:

Part A: Supply issues

Task A.1

Task A.2

Task A.3

Task A.4

Task A.5

Part B: Operations issues

Task B.1

Task B.2

Task B.3

Task B.4

Part C: Information issues

Task C.1

Task C.2

Task C.3

Part D: Integration issues

Task D.1

Task D.2

Task D.3

Part E: Sustainability issues

Task E.1

Task E.2

Final analytical report


Include a brief reflection statement, addressing the following questions:

What feedback have you received through both discussion forum activities and presentation?

Discuss how this feedback has assisted you in development of the report.


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