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Create a PowerPoint presentation detailing the following: The top thr

Create a PowerPoint presentation detailing the following:

The top three ethical dilemmas faced by prosecutors and/or defense attorneys.
What reforms should be made in the area of ethical requirements for prosecutors and/or defense attorneys? (E.g. A defense attorney is supposed to zealously defend their client but how should they proceeded if the client has confessed? How zealously do they defend their client in an ethical manner? Obviously they cannot suborn perjury but what other limitations should be placed on their defense?)
You should also integrate your biblical worldview of ethical responsibility into the presentation.
Your PowerPoint presentation should be formatted as follows:

Seven to ten slides in length (not including the cover and reference slides).
Written using APA format to include:
A cover slide.
An APA approved font and size, double-spaced.
In-text citations to support main points.
Presentation notes: Create notes in the notes section for each slide to support the slide content.
A reference slide with full APA references for each in-text citation used for support


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