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You’ve got your rough outline completed, and sources cited. Now it’s gone time – drafting your polished nursing essay. But don’t think your work ends once you’ve got words on the page. Thoughtful revising is essential for refining your analysis and taking your essay from good to great.

The nursing essay writing guide will walk you through:

Crafting your initial draft

Strategic self-editing techniques

Common areas for improvement

Leveraging instructor feedback

Proofreading to perfection

Tools to enhance revising

Implement these drafting and revision best practices, and you’ll submit nursing essays sure to impress. Let’s dive in!

Drafting Your Initial Essay

When writing your first draft, focus on:

Sticking to your pre-planned outline to maintain clear organization and logical flow.

Articulating ideas in a straightforward academic tone and nursing terminology.

Incorporating credible evidence from nursing literature.

Applying course concepts and nursing frameworks to analyze issues.

Developing a unique, insightful perspective on the prompt.

Ensuring thorough completion of all required essay elements.

You’ll refine things further in revision. For now, get your analysis and key points down!

Strategic Self-Editing Techniques

Once your initial draft is complete, begin self-editing:

Read it aloud: Does it flow smoothly?

Eliminate redundancy: Cut repetitive ideas or unnecessary verbiage.

Check enforceability: Are claims well supported with examples and evidence?

Verify logic flows: Do paragraphs smoothly build upon one another?

Assess tone: Is language clear yet professional? Avoid informal speech.

Evaluate insight: Have you dug beneath surface-level thinking? Introduce deeper perspectives.

Targeted revision takes your essay to the next level. Now let’s look at specific areas to hone.

Key Areas for Revision and Refinement

As you self-edit, pay special attention to refining:

The introduction – Does it engage interest while previewing your focus?

The thesis – Is it a concise, impactful statement of your central position?

Topic sentences – Do they establish a clear direction for paragraphs?

Body transitions – Do links between ideas flow smoothly?

Conclusion – Does it provide satisfactory closure through reflection and projection forward?

Evidence integration – Are sources skillfully blended to support analysis?

Addressing these areas strengthens essay flow and structure.

Incorporating Instructor Feedback

Leverage your professor’s expert insights during revision:

Review their feedback immediately and ask for clarification if needed.

Prioritize addressing bigger-picture commentary on analysis, structure, flow first.

Then turn to refinements like strengthening topic sentences, adding evidence etc.

Confirm you understood and implemented all requested changes.

Revising based on instructor input will push your critical thinking to the next level.

Proofreading and Polishing to Perfection

The final step is meticulous proofreading for:

Grammar, spelling and punctuation errors

Inconsistent font, spacing, formatting

Missing citations

Unclear phrasing

Read slowly line-by-line multiple times to catch minor errors. These undermine professionalism.

Helpful Revising Tools

Leverage tools like Grammarly to assist with:

Catching writing issues

Improving word choice variation

Checking plagiarism

Readability analysis

But always proofread yourself – tools miss some errors!

Final thought on Drafting and revising nursing essays

By crafting your initial draft thoughtfully then refining it through robust revision, your nursing essay will shine. Now take your analysis to the next level!

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