“Controlling Our Digital Lives: Analyzing the Influence of Tech Companies on Elections and News”

quote the authors by using parentheses and nice transitions 
the essay has to be regarding the topic of how tech companies are control our everyday lives like elections or news
https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2016/dec/04/google-democracy-truth-internet-search-facebook something like this but don’t use this article 
(a)    Summarizes
and analyzes the position of the target article
Brings three (3) more sources into conversation
with the topic presented in the target article.
At least one of these sources should be a scholarly
Summarizes and analyzes the position of each
additional source
Explains how these sources relate to each other.
article needs to be opinion/idea based. 
Using journalism/reporting or strictly informational texts will make it
difficult for you to present the differing views on your chosen topic.  Your goal here is not to inform your reader
on the topic itself, but rather to inform your reader on the differing
perspectives surrounding this topic. 
In this assignment, you are developing your understanding of
a topic area that will serve as the foundation for the remaining assignments.
As with Assignment #1, you should begin by summarizing your target article.
Then, you will take things a step further by analyzing the target text,
assessing its message, audience, contexts, and evidence in order to make an
argument for its purpose. Is the author writing to inform? To persuade? What
types of evidence is the source presenting? Who is the intended audience? Then,
you will broaden your understanding of the topic area by bringing at least 3
additional sources into conversation with the first, summarizing and analyzing
each (your treatment of each additional source may be briefer than that of the
target article). Finally, the work you have done summarizing and analyzing
these sources should be brought together (synthesis) to help the reader
understand the most salient ideas, viewpoints, and arguments on a given topic.
This will serve as the basis for your Position Paper.
Find a publication (print or online) where your essay would
be a “good fit.” If your topic is too broad and doesn’t seem like a good fit
anywhere, this may be a sign that you need to narrow and/or reframe your topic.
The final draft should be at least 2000 words, but may be longer than that. See
me if you plan on exceeding the word count by a significant margin.
Tips for
Every source you find will reference other sources—use
these references and bibliographies to help develop your own sense of the
broader conversation

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