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Continuing in your role as a student at a local university, imagine you have been asked by your professor to explain how past and current issues of American education impact teaching and learning to the Future Teachers of America club at a local high school. Create an 18- to 20-slide PowerPoint presentation on these topics.
Include the following in your presentation: An introduction to your audience the importance of understanding the history of education and the impact history has on education today, how social issues impact education and how educators must look at how they impact the future. A summary of the elements of the timeline you created in last week’s handout. A brief analysis of how these changes have impacted teaching and learning strategies today. The 5 most pressing social issues as they relate to education. How your chosen events did or did not address your selected 5 social issues. An analysis of how these events and social issues have impacted the foundations of education. 3 recommendations for how education can continue to build on the foundations of education during the next 25 years. Visual aids, color and graphics included in presentation. A conclusion that revisits your presentation and ties up loose ends. Speaker/Presenter notes are required. The bulk of your information should be in speaker notes, and the slides should have short bullets as an outline of what you are going to say. The notes in an assignment are your voice. Click on the section under the slide that says: “add notes” to add speaker notes



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