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Contemporary Management Studies

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Contemporary Management Studies (BUS148906) Assessment Brief The learning outcomes for this module will be assess. by an individual report of 4000 words. The specific topic that is the focus of the essay will be chosen bY Ynu•
In the rnodule we will look at different theoretical ‘lenses’ to help you understand different approaches to the study of your topic. In doing so it will give you a critical appreciation of the research underpinning that issue and how that research can help us understand better the achievement of organisational goals and implications for management practice – what managers do (or need to do).
Presentations – Formative Assessments Though this rnodule there will be formative assessments and activities which do not count to your final mark, but which provide you with important feedback on how you are performing. • Formative presentations are undertaken in sessions 2 and 6. • The first of these is a team-based presentation on a contemporary management topic allocated by the tutor. • The individual presentation in Session 6 is based on a contemporary issue selected by you. You will receive feedback to rnake sure that you have identified an atc,lint3oporiateutsoepic antdo you will receive feedbahcek:n tItlecrsp: oofethhtaft,:ttgo!:Mether • The tutorrc’-fed, releddtacsk tpresetrations will directly contrillute to yr. ,ssay. Es, , – Summative Assessment Brief ..:se=sentations will tf:rmo solid bashi re,o/oiuorefhirlsoubh7isyttom, wcfilicehgitnL4OtthlOe tu°trodr. Th:rfin°anl saubsnelieLond will Zgaercriietical essay which demonstrataers’ that you can relate your selected management issue to managements practice, and to the achievernent of organizational as well as Sustainable Development goals.
Full details of the criteria are set out in the assessment grid but you need to: • IZioilatireateen,t,h,tartityziiieuilt.istVonindetshse research which has been carried out around • Discuss the effect or importance of this issue to managerial practice, using clearly justified argurnents based on relevant literature.
• rnxaltaeinart;loarYtan’t ycsIO’ritcjribaurolnictOitililled:ClitiaenvdeZenit t:;sonr9a::iciseartZtalls9uo:Irsn.av • titaelriatnheir;rtra’n’;thCcontaril=1:ral londtehr:t:21dIlinegv:rntehillst BO;naeon’onrt Insisouree n’tg Sustainable oevelopment goals.
The deadline for submission of the work is: XX/XX/2023
Support tutorials will be held on the rnorning of 24/04/2023.
CMS Assessment Brief 2022


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