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Consumer Psychology (Related to Marketing)

Apply the knowledge (e.g., theory, methods, technique, etc.) in consumer psychology to analyze and understand why a particular marketing behavior brought negative consumer behaviours. Analysis should target one or more of 4Ps (Price, Promotion, Product, or Place) to a particular segment of consumers. You are expected to identify a negative marketing behavior that a company used. The negative marketing behavior includes, but not limited to, failure to identify needs, goals, or wants, poor methods to promote or distribute offerings, or mismatch between quality and price of offerings. Some guidelines for completing the project are the following.
1. Target a specific marketing behavior a company used. The length of proposal is limited. Therefore, it is advisable to choose very narrow and specific marketing behaviour with sufficient background information.
2. Use the knowledge (e.g., theory, methods, technique, etc.) of consumer psychology to understand and explain a marketing behavior. The knowledge is not limited to the textbook materials.
3. Think about the ways to express ideas in proposal. Proposal requires solid logic and proficient writing skills to convince readers. Do not assume readers understand what you are expressing without presenting necessary information.
4. The maximum length of proposal is 4 pages (double-space, 12 points, Times New
Roman) excluding the title page and reference. Paper should follow APA style (APA manual 7th edition). Title page should include title, name, and UofL ID number (9 digits).




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