Constructing LR(1) and LALR(1) Parsing Tables for BNF Grammar G

Consider the following BNF grammar G:
primary-expression ::= variable | function-call
variable ::= identifier | identifier [ primary-expression ]
function-call ::= identifier ( primary-expression )
1. Construct the sets of LR(1) items for G (the original grammar given above).
2. Merge the sets of items having common cores to give the set of LALR(1) items.
3. Construct the LALR(1) parsing table from the set of LALR(1) items.
4. Simplify the LALR parsing table using the compaction techniques discussed at the end of
Section 4.7 (section 4.7.6).
Note: you can simplify or rename the terminals and nonterminals of the above grammar G so
that it will be easier to construct the sets of LR(1) items for G:
E ::= V | F
V := id | id [ E ]
F := id ( E )
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