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‘A network of AI-powered smart refrigerators connected to each other via the Internet of things. These smart fridges use supervised machine learning and deep learning to understand usage patterns and use AI-enabled software to identify food items inside to suggest various food recipes and perform actions like grocery order online, dietary control, nutrition monitoring, eating habit analysis, and much more.

Each of these devices learns from the user and share updates with other refrigerators having the same software version over
the network and receive a proper response’. The updates are also shared over other devices like smartphone apps for the refrigerator any other devices connected to the network.


Application layer protocols are based on TCP or UDP which enables communication of devices on IoT. The TCP protocol enables REST/HTTP communication protocols.

The “transport layer” deploys transmission control protocol which is a connection-oriented protocol as devices first ‘handshake’ and then establish a full-duplex connection allowing application layer data from process 1 on one host to process 2 on another host and vice-versa at the same time.

At the “network layer” we have the Internet Protocol(IP) is responsible for a logical connection between the host devices. One of the primary responsibilities of TCP is to provide IP delivery service between the end systems for communicating updates/data between two processes running on the end devices.

We also use the Border Gateway Protocol version 4 (BGP4) which is an interdomain routing protocol based on path-vector routing. Aside from safety and security, the goal of this protocol is mere reachability thus allowing packets to reach their destination more effectively.

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