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Complete the first part of the IRB Project Synopsis Form, which is the problem s

Complete the first part of the IRB Project Synopsis Form, which is the problem statement, the purpose of the project and should include research justifying the problem identified.
● Restate your research question[s]; insert your developed methodology: qualitative, quantitative, or combined (in the methodology section)
○ What techniques will you use?
○ How are you going to make this happen?
○ What is your process?
○ Write about the change you anticipate will happen as a result. Include any metrics if applicable.
○ How will you implement your project to achieve the results in your anticipated change?
● Complete the next part of the IRB Project Narrative
○ How will you ensure confidentiality?
○ What consent forms will you need?
○ How will you obtain consent forms?
○ How will you distribute the surveys?
○ How will you conduct the interviews and ensure privacy? What will you do with this information/data?
● Include name of the Community organization, contact and details about the organization and their connection to the project.
● Who is your TA? Where does he/she work? Please provide some information indicating why they are he/she is the subject matter expert.
● Flyer — The content of the flyer must include a ‘scriipt’, a structured set of statements that include your name, your affiliation to the school, and your purpose of the research. Revise the wording of the template [Appendix A] to fit your project.

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