CMIS 320 Project 1 A typical Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) project initiates with a wellwritten justification statement that supports the technology used for the given

CMIS 320 Project 1

A typical Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) project initiates with a wellwritten justification statement that supports the technology used for the given project. For Project 1, write a justification paper, of at least 3 pages or more (12-point font, double-space, in APA format with cited references), to your boss explaining how a relational database solution can be applied to a current business problem or area for improvement (either context, of your choice). Assume that your boss knows nothing about relational database theory, so a clear high-level explanation is necessary. The goal of this paper is to obtain your boss’s approval to proceed with your stated project. Do not focus on technical aspects of a database management system, as our audience (our boss) may not be as technical as is the development staff.


In your paper, focus on how the information will be captured, manipulated, managed, and shared, and describe the value the relational database brings to the organization. Include brief examples of how other industries (both domestic and international) have successfully used relational databases to increase efficiency.


Your paper must follow all APA Style Guide requirements. All sources must be properly cited using APA guidelines. Include an APA title page and an APA References page. The title page and References pages are in addition to the minimum of 2 pages of body text for your paper. In your paper, you must include an introduction section with a heading, body text topic sections as appropriate with headings, and a conclusion section with a heading. Note that APA requires 12-point Times Roman font throughout and 1″ margins.


A good justification paper shall use APS style guide and shall have the following logical sequence:

•        Identify a current business problem or an area of improvement – it is okay to make one up if one does not exist.

•        Introduce what a relational database is all about.

•        In a non-technical manner, identify aspects of the relational database concepts that your organization can use to resolve the identified business problem or area of improvement.

•        Discuss how the relational database can be utilized by your organization to capture, manipulate, manage, and share the data.

•        Provide examples of how other industries have utilized relational databases to increase their efficiency.  Be specific in your examples to be sure that it sets the stage for what you are trying to achieve (convincing your non-technical boss to approve your concept).





You must submit your well-organized Microsoft Word or PDF document to the LEO assignment area before the due date.


Assignment-1’s grading rubric:




Not Meet

Business justification


Paper thoroughly provides good business, non-technical

the benefits of a relational database solution.

0 points

Paper doesn’t provide
adequate business justification.



Length and formatting


meets required length and is well formatted.

0 points

Paper doesn’t meet required
length and is not properly formatted.

Grammar, typos, punctuation

20 points

Paper is well-written, wellorganized with
minimal grammatical or spelling issues.

0 points

Major grammatical, typographical, and/or punctuation errors.


APA Requirements


Paper meets APA citation, References page,
and title page requirements.

0 points

Major problems with APA
citations, Reference page, and/or title page.