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Clinical Management

Nurse-led clinics have been established in a variety of clinical settings across many jurisdictions. The rationale for creating nurse-led clinics may vary, the evidence however, to date has clearly demonstrated the benefits that include; improved health outcomes, improved access to care, decreased waiting times, and a decrease in avoidable hospital admissions. To successfully implement a nurse-led clinic the support of the health service executive is paramount and this is achieved through a sound business case. The critical elements of a business case to establish a nurse-led clinic are outlined in the following section.

A Business Case to Establish a Nurse-Led Clinic

The establishment of a nurse-led clinic is usually within a healthcare service and often arises because of a need. The need may include increasing access for patients to services such as wound management services or a diabetic clinic. The nurse-led clinic will work within the governance and management structure of an existing health service. Increasingly there is a growing body of evidence that support the establishment of nurse-led clinics.

Significant Steps in a Business Case for a Nurse-Led Clinic

As many nurse clinics will be within an existing healthcare setting you should first determine if there is an organizational template for business cases that the health service executive requires. If there is a template that your health service needs you should use it as it will be accepted for review by the executive.


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