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CLA #1 Tasks

CLA #1 Tasks

In no more than 500 words, address the following TWO questions and their parts

1. What is a data breach? Undertake some online research to identify a recent example (must be from the last 6 months) of a data breach and use your example to answer this question
A. Describe the characteristics of your example of a data breach (How did it occur and what was most significant about it? (1 mark)
B. Explore your case in relation to the definitions used in week 1 and week 2 of INF20031 and synthesize common features to present what you consider to be the most significant aspects of a good definition of data breach. (1 mark)
2. Bunnings data breach Wk1 & Wk2. Undertake some additional reading
A. With consideration for the Mike Van Stone paper – Mistakes Happen Download Mistakes Happen– clarify how unintentional data loss fits your understanding of data breach with reference to the our first Bunnings case: Bunnings 2019 Download Bunnings case: Bunnings 2019 (1 mark)
B. Why do you think it is that public disclosure and the notification of data breaches is now seen as an important part of the information security environment? Discuss with reference to John Pironti’s paper, Five Key Lessons Learnt  Download Five Key Lessons Learntand Bunnings 2022 Download Bunnings 2022data breach (2 marks)
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