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Civil Rights Act of 1991

Civil Rights Act of 1991

During the past several years a new religious community has become very established in your town. Many residents are very suspicious of these newcomers because of their strange customs and beliefs, and some locals have even expressed outright hostility toward them. Despite this opposition, the religious community has continued to grow. You have seen several members of this group as they sought health care at your facility. Many people in your unit have expressed difficulty when treating group members because they are not familiar with the new community’s beliefs and customs. You even overheard a few of your co-workers express negative and disparaging views about the group. Several members from this group have submitted employment applications at your facility but up until now, you have been hesitant to hire any of them due to possible hostility from current employees. Now you have an open position and two potential candidates: One is a member from the religious group and is very qualified for the position and the other is less qualified but more likely to fit in. Which candidate will you hire , using The Civil Rights Act of 1991

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