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A recent minor outage has alerted senior management to the importance of the company’s IT system to day-to-day operations and has given more weight to your company’s recommendation for upgrading.

Currently, the existing network infrastructure has been shoe-horned onto an ageing server which is running Windows 2003 Small Business Server with clients as old as Windows XP and some as new as Windows 10. The company acknowledges that given recent network and computer system breaches such as WannaCry, that they need to update their IT infrastructure and are looking to create a more secure IT infrastructure with room for expansion.

Due to the current company data governance framework, the company has no plan to move to a cloud solution yet, apart from the email service, such as Office 365. Therefore, the current plan is to upgrade their existing network to a fault-tolerant server network, which can spread existing workloads across multiple servers. You will also need to build Windows 10 clients which you can
join to the domain to use to help document that all the services are working correctly.



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