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8-Step Change Model Recommendations

Complete all of the 8-Step Change Model to build a Recommendations Plan for your client – the leadership of the merged company. This plan should also include the other steps completed earlier in the course.

Remove Obstacles

Describe how you will: Identify, or hire, change leaders whose main roles are to deliver the change. Adjust your organizational structure, job descriptions, and performance and compensation systems to ensure they’re in line with your vision. Recognize and reward people for making change happen. Identify people who are resisting the change, and help them see what’s needed. Take action to quickly remove barriers (human or otherwise).

Create Short-Term Wins Describe how you will:

Look for sure-fire projects that you can implement without help from any strong critics of the change. Thoroughly analyze the potential pros and cons of your targets.

Build on the Change:

Describe how you will: After every win, analyze what went right, and what needs improving. Set goals to continue building on the momentum you’ve achieved. Apply kaizen, the idea of continuous improvement. Keep ideas fresh by bringing in new change agents and leaders for your change coalition.

Anchor the Changes in Corporate Culture Describe how you will:

Use Storytelling to inform others about the change process. Include the change ideals and values when hiring and training new staff. Publicly recognize key members of your original change coalition, and make sure the rest of the staff – new and old – remembers their contributions. Create plans to replace key leaders of change as they move on. Deliverable

Complete a Final report and record a presentation describing the positive and negative highlights of the change model to your client so they know what to say to their employees, investors, and other stakeholders.



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