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CAU Biology The Biochemical Macromolecules Essay

Evidence of proofreading (e.g. no spelling or punctuation errors, limited grammatical mistakes).Required topics that you must address include:(1-2 paragraphs) REFLECT on how your understanding of the chemistry of life and its application to biological macromolecules has changed in these 4 weeks of the quarter. Provide specific, detailedexamples of your learning and where these learnings are applicable in every day life. You may include examples from your personal lifeSummarize our course topics by comparing the biological macromolecules we have discussed (i.e. proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates, and lipids).Summarize and describe each of these macromolecules: proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates, and lipids.  Dedicate a single paragraph to each macromolecule.  You should have four paragraphs dedicated to this entryInclude details about their molecular structure (monomers, polymers and covalent linkages that form the polymer) as well as the function of each macromolecule.The details you include should represent the characteristics covered by our textbook, class slides/materials, supplemental materials and video resources (i.e. do not use outside resources).Describe the selective permeability of the cell membrane.This should be a separate paragraph.Include the macromolecules that are the major components of membranes, the overall function(s) of membranes, and the chemical characteristics of the membrane.What types of molecules can cross the membrane and which cannot?  Give examples.Integrate the following throughout your reflection essay:Include all of the following topics:  types of bonds (ionic, covalent, and hydrogen), polarity, and solubility in water.  You should integrate these topics in all your paragraphs and relate them to the macromolecule under discussion. You must use the following terms correctly in these paragraphs: dehydration synthesis (condensation), hydrolysis, monomer, polymer, and selective permeability (semi-permeable).Organize your thoughts by including introductory and concluding paragraphs (i.e. one or both of these paragraphs may overlap with the required paragraphs on learning/reflection if there is also evidence of an organized structure to your essay). Your essay should demonstrate COHESION of ideas, not just the memorization of terms



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