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1. An example of a catecholamine is_____

2. A nerve fiber is a bundle of _____
3. _______ is the part of the brain where the medulla oblongata is located

4. In a nerve cell at resting state, there is higher concentration of _______ located inside the cell.

5. The ______ is the part of the brain responsible for coordinated movement & balance.

6. Local anesthetics block pain by preventing _____ of the nerve cell.

7. The _______ is the basic, functional unit of the nervous system

8. Nerve cell repolarization causes _____ channels to open

9. Motor neurons are carried via the ______ horn of the spinal cord.

10. Sympathetic stimulation of the nervous system causes vaso _____ of the kidney

11. The relative net charge of a neuron at resting state & able to depolarize is _____.

12. Myelin is ______ matter of the brain that surrounds axonal process, making the nerve impulses faster & stronger.

13. What type of muscle tissue contains beta – 1 receptors?

14. Which cranial nerve (s) is/are responsible for balance / equilibrium?

15. Which cranial nerves (s) have both sensory and motor function?

16. Local anesthetics / blocks work on which part (s) of the pain pathway?

17. What is the name of the structure located within the lateral & 4th cerebral ventricles, that produces cerebral spinal fluid?

18. What structure prevents drugs from readily entering into nervous system / brain tissue?

19. What is the primary neurotransmitter of the PNS?

20. What is the name of the “support cell of the nervous system”?

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