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Case Study: Ms. La Rosa

In Chapter 1, you were first introduced to Ms. La Rosa and her work with Almeada and her baby, Anne. After reading Chapter 9, you have learned more about Ms. La Rosa and her work as a human service professional. Use specific examples from your reading this unit to support your responses.


Please respond to the following:


What are some of the challenges in Ms. La Rosa’s day-to-day work, including but not limited to allocation of resources, recording/documentation, turf issues, and encapsulation, burnout, and vicarious trauma?

What recommendations would you give to Ms. La Rosa if she asked for your advice on how to respond to these challenges?

Last, what theory would you choose to apply when making these recommendations to Ms. La Rosa and to other challenges that she is experiencing? Explain your rationale for choosing this theory.

This a discussion where the questions need to answer in a paragraph with a discussion of 300 words or more total. The textbook is Human Services Ninth Edition


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