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Case Study

Case Study 2 Task Analyse the following case study and respond to the following questions. CASE STUDY: Service NSW Data Breach – Section 3.3, Pages 16 to 18
Part 1: Using the ACSC (2016) Threat lifecycle (p. 19), describe the incident that occurred by highlighting key events.
Part 2: Discuss any specific tactics and techniques that may have been used during each phase of the attack with reference to the MITRE ATTE,CK framework. Provide justifications for your choices.
Part 3: Discuss the criteria used by the actors to identify suitable targets, justify your choice of criteria. Note: There may be other relevant information within the document that will help answer the quest,iaTts. The ==_
suggested reading (Section 3.3, Page 16 to 18) is a summary of the attack Resources • Australian Cyber Security Centre 2016, ACSC Threat Report, Commonwealth of Australia, p. 34. • MITRE ATTE,CK, The MITRE Corporation, https: attack.mi[re.orgi Report specifications: • Submit a report in pdf file format, written for senior management. • The essay should be free of technical jargon and where necessary, these should be clearly explained.


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